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shanghai jiaoda onlly co., ltd. engaged itself in the real estate industry since july, 2002. with the development of the recent several years, presently this section has turned into a new growth engine of jiaoda onlly and one of the important sections of its development strategy of “co-existing like the three legs of a tripod

in july, 2002, jiaoda onlly purchased the shanghai songjiang rongbei real estate co., ltd. and established the shanghai onlly real estate development co., ltd. with the class ⅱ qualification, of which the majority ownership is held by jiaoda onlly, and since then jiaoda onlly began to strategically engage itself in the real estate industry. this company is a multi-functional real estate development enterprise integrating the development, construction and management, with a registered capital of rmb 21,200,000 yuan.

in september, 2008, via the adjustment of strategy and organizational structure in the real estate section of jiaoda onlly, the shanghai onlly industry co., ltd., with a registered capital of rmb 50,000,000 yuan, was established. this company is a wholly owned subsidiary of jiaoda onlly and a platform for the management of the real estate section. this company has introduced advanced management modes, enlarged the land deposition, stood on a new scratch line and turned into a very important business item of jiaoda onlly.

the real estate section of jiaoda onlly has a powerful strength of capital, numerous professional talents and an influential brand effect. in recent years, by insisting on the directing thought of “to forge top-quality products and to be bigger, stronger and better”, this section has been developing rapidly and acquired great achievements. successively, it developed many high-quality and salable commercial residential building projects, such as the tianle housing estate, baiyang xiyuan, xianghe garden, shanshui garden, shihuite innovation center tower, happy living time, etc., and a commercial real estate project, i.e. the north shanghai commercial plaza, of which the floor area is more than 400,000 square meters in total. till 2007, this section has acquired a sales income of nearly rmb 2,000,000,000 yuan.

at present, there are several investment projects under development in the real estate section of jiaoda onlly, among which the commercial residential building project “in the city of heifei and shanghai”has a building area of 120,000 square meters and has attained a sales income of rmb 550,000,000 yuan, and the “residence one” co-developed by shanghai jiaoda nangyang real estate co., ltd. and our company, by making an investment and hence taking 30% equity of the project, has a building area of 300,000,000 square meters, and this high-end commercial residential building project has successfully acquired its opening quotation in july, 2010, which has turned into a new mark post of value in the real estate market of taicang with its noble quality and advantage of original house types.

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