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the health food section is the start business of shanghai jiao da onlly co., ltd. since the establishment of the company in 1990, as well as an important industry, which, accompanied with real estate and financial equity investment, are as known as the three major pillar industries in the “three-pillar” diversified development strategy developed in 2008. after two decades of development, the performance of this section has made jiao da onlly the leader of health food industry in china, and the name, jiao da onlly, has become a well-known brand all over china.

the health food section of jiao da onlly is an independent entity which integrates scientific research, production and sales and is responsible for its own profits or losses. this section, on the basis of research strengths of shanghai jiao tong university, set up an institute of biomedicine covering a building area of 3000m2, in which the company invests a large amount of research fund every year to support the research and development of microecological preparations and chinese herbal preparations. till now, a dozen of product series have been developed, including “i&onnly” liquids and “i&onnly” capsules, which are well sold for over ten years, and onlly nutri-heart, onlly sugar, onlly smart-brain products launched in recent years. these products help to enhance gastrointestinal function, improve condition of heart and brain, withstand fatigue, and regulate blood lipid and blood sugar, meeting the health needs of different groups from different aspects. a number of products have won the honorary titles of “top ten creditable brands of chinese health food products” for consecutive years. in recent years, the institute also achieved results at the global advanced level in the research and development of probiotics, and actively transferred technological achievements into productive forces. the probiotic powder has been now exported to europe, southeast asia and other countries, setting up a foundation for the new economic growth.

in order to expand product lines and meet the needs of the market, the health food section is adhering to the policy of “walking on two legs”, and in 2005, jiao da onlly introduced five categories, nearly fifty “natural elements” nutritional supplements from american factories with fda and gmp qualification. currently, in this field, the products have covered micro biominerals, plant extracts, marine organism, protein and bee products, its product lines have covered most product types in the market, and the sales have occupies a leading market share. in addition, the health food section is also committed to the development of traditional chinese invigorants, and has launched “onlly pure” american ginseng, bird’s nest, royal jelly and other products.

the health food section owns a large-scale production base which conforms to gmp specifications, and covers an area of 4.5 hectares, accompanied with advanced production equipment and mature technologies. moreover, the base has passed the authentication of iso9001 quality management system and haccp-based food safety system.

with marketing as the flagship, the health food section adheres to the “knowledge marketing” operation philosophy. it made innovation in the marketing model of “natural elements” counters and franchised stores to progressively develop a membership direct sales network, and has set up sales branches in a lot of cities, forming a national sales network. in recent years, through strategic alliance, advantage complementation and resource integration, with sales partners, it has realized the appreciation in the product chain, channel chain and brand chain. while creating greater value for customers, the health food section stabilizes the sales performance and maintains its leading market share rate in the industry.

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