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corporate spirit: united, practical, aggressive, innovative

united to advocate the team cooperation and the inter-department cooperation.
    practical to advocate the pragmatic work style.
    aggressive to advocate the up and coming spirit and the courage of overcoming difficulties.
      innovative to advocate the modern concept of exploring and seeking for novelties.

operation philosophy: honest, law abiding, scientific

to be scrupulous employees are required to develop the work style of being cautious, conscientious, earnest, perseverant, precise and effective.
  to make improvements ceaselessly employees are required to develop the concepts of quality, problem and improvement, to find out the problems in the scientific research, production, distribution, service and management, to ceaselessly improve the qualities of product, service and work, and to carry out these requirements throughout all kinds of work of the company.

core value of the company: working hard to be excellent, for the health every day

to satisfy the demands of customers with the excellent quality. each employee of the company is required to pursue the goal of satisfying the customers’ demands at any time with high quality products, satisfactory services and excellent work.

to realize the self value with the successful cause. the company provides the platform for employees to exert their abilities and realize their self values, so as to make the employees engender the senses of identification, belongingness and honor and hence to develop together with the enterprise.

to promote the stakeholders to attain the win win via the mutual support. the company thinks highly of the benefits of its cooperative partners, develops its cooperative relations with the suppliers, the distributors, and so on based on the win win and mutual beneficial principle, and shares its concept of development with its counterparts.

to repay the shareholders with good achievements. at the same time of providing hi tech products to the society and realizing its social responsibilities, the company takes the profit maximization as an important mission of realizing the good repayment to its shareholders.

to repay the society with the rapid development of the enterprise. the company realizes its basic social responsibilities via providing hi tech products, absorbs and cultivates talents and increases the employment positions via the enterprise’s development, and repays the society via all kinds of public benefit activities.

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